What are the importance of religion

What are the importance of religion?
1. Go to doctor if you feel sick.
2. Do work hard if you want earn money and success in life.
3. Go to police if you need help.
4. Go to lawyer if you need legal help.
5. Go to market if you want buy .
6.Take rest if you feel tired.
7. Go to school,college and university for education
8. Watch TV,movies ,serial for entertainment.
9. Join NGO if you like social work.
10. Join politics if you want to become a leader,minister and president
11. Go to bank if you need a loan
12. Use FB ,mobile,internet , email etc for share and communication.
13. Go to psychiatrist if you suffering from mental illness.
14.Go to your girl friends if you would like romantic love.
15.Read the books for knowledge.
16.Go to office for work.
17. Eat food if you feel hungry.
18. drink water if you feel thirsty .
19. Do exercises for fitness. 
20. Play the games for fitness, hobby or earn money.
21. Listen the music if you want enjoy.
22.Go to tour if you you feel boring. 
23. love friends,family,relatives for share and enjoy the sweet social life. 
Think simple, be simple, do simple, do the right things, do not complicate your life , think positively , live peacefully, think reality,enjoy the best, best of luck. Thanks.
Do you find any importance of religion? What do you think?





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