My quotes

: 1a. We are living in love ,we love and let it go.
1b.Self respect need self dependent.
2.It is very easy to believe in god and religions
but quiet difficult to know and feel the real meaning .
3.“we don’t care what we loss. we care only about God and religions . we dont like to to care anything what are wrong or right
*********************************************. ”
4.problems can not be deprived to us from happiness in life.
5.We are addicted to God and religions thoughts. We cannot change anything if we cannot change our thinking.”
6.“Only God have seen the end of war.”
7.“No matter how much suffering you went through, you never wanted to let go believe in God and religions !.”
8.poisons are much better than dirty politics
9.Evil is inside and God is outside painting !.
10.Something wrong something right r u all right
11.There r no real democracy in the world!
**************************************** something
think something
enjoy something
do best something
13.My name is Mr Khan . I am a Indian Muslim. I born here and I love my country. I need to prove that I love my country and I am not terrorist. This is my India and my country is great! My country is the biggest secular democracy.
14.politics in love
politics in home
politics in court
politics in justice
politics in god and religion
this is the democracy
15. A man can not be secular if he believes in god and religions..
16.God for only pray and praising.

17.Evils are more strong and powerful than God and God is helpless.
18.World is control by evils !
19.Politics and God are the best romantic couple in the world !
20.My country is the great because I born here.
21.God and religions tend to complicate our lives, as if we already complicated enough.”


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