Voices from the Syrian Tragedy: Three New Poems


Fawaz Azem has translated three new Syrian poems — one from Dima Yousf and two from Nihad Sayed Issa — all responding, in some way, to the nation’s current landscape:

By Fawaz Azem

Dima Yousf, courtesy of the author. Dima Yousf, courtesy of the poet.

Dima Yousf, a Syrian Palestinian born in 1986, graduated from Damascus University with a degree in Arabic literature and a teaching diploma. She teaches Arabic in Damascus schools, and is pursuing a graduate degree “but with a stay of execution.”  A recent post on her Facebook page reads “I have so many stories to tell, if I survive.”

Yousf’s poem is untitled.


Oh, if I only had a knife
like those that are forgotten on necks,
after massacres.
If I only had the fingers of a murderer
and his unblinking eyes.
If I could only utter the cry of his victim
the moment he gathers in the voices
from all four corners…

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Mohabate see baate

Mohabate see baate

naa karo sikaet kii baate
naa karo nafrat kiii baate
naa karo bewafa kii baate
naa karo sakk kii baate
karo naa yaro mohabate see baate

Who are the evils ?

1,Who are against human rights. One who has looted public money.

2. Who create violence,riots , war, terrorism and killed many innocent peoples.

3.Who  create riots ,terrorism in the name of God,Allah, Bhagwan and killed common poor peoples.

4. one Who hates human being.

5. one who only thinks own interest and can do any illegal or  violence or murdered any one.

6. one who create terror among the peoples.

7. One who abuse religion for their interest are called evils.

Any question please 


Why religious dress code?

Why religious dress code?

She is a girl. She would like happy social peace life. She want freedom and equality. She like style modern dressing and fashion.Why some people criticize her. She do not like any religious dressing code. Please let her enjoy the freedom because it is not the duty of religion to interfere in personal freedom and rights.